The building of this on-line musical download site was made possible thanks to the collaboration and precious help of Johann Eriksen (Webmaster from Oslo, Norway). 
But the conclusion of the project would also not have been possible without the help of valuable collaborators such as Rikardo Cash, David Emil Wickström, Mark Eaton, Pedro Sanz, Alejandro Pareja, Manolo Pancorbo, and Juan José Vera Martín, who have efficiently collaborated in translating the texts and in various varifications. 
Thanks also to Chuck Smith, David Emil Wickström (webmaster of the site EUROKKA and of the Artista Datenbazo), Rogener Pavinski of the videopublishing label Kosmuzik, Peter Baláž, Bertilo Wennergren and Cyrille Poulet for their advice, and who have all helped in varifying and testing the site’s operation before its official start. 
And particular thanks to Mark Eaton for his competence and technical help on various occasions, and especially as the creator and webmaster of, VINILKOSMO’s official CD sales site. 
And finally, heartfelt thanks also to all the ARTISTS and GROUPS that have collaborated with VINILKOSMO over the years and who have given us their trust in the launching of this new cyber-adventure.