Official release of the esperantocore compilation "ESPERANTO SUBGRUNDE Vol.2"

 Esperanto Sungrunde2 500r

Today March 18, 2022, after a long wait finally appears the Esperantocore compilation ESPERANTO SUBGRUNDE Vol.2, In physicalys on double CD, in digital and Streaming. It is available for order here:

This compilation present an alternative underground punk rock music with lyrics in Esperanto; against linguistic discrimination and inequality, against racism and fascism, against imperialism and cultural chauvinism, against sexism and social injustice, against war and the barriers between people.
It choose freedom, world peace, and communication between peoples without barriers!

The compilation supports the alternative and united educational project of “La Escuelita   (project details available on the album page).

Participating bands:
Ale kaj Arrach (Argentina and France, punk hardcore), Brassens Not Dead (France, anarcho-punk song), Corbata (Japan, grindcoro), Drei Flaschen (Germany, punk), Eveline Paula (Brazil, punk rock), Fikiĝu (Brasil, grindcore), Frakasu (Russia, punk hardcore), Jan Ali Sin (Russia, electro-punk), JoMo kaj Liberecanoj (France, anarcho-punk rock), Krio De Morto (Poland, industrial punk), La Bleka Forfikulo kaj Siaj Orelboristoj (France, garage rock), Manifesto Jukebox (Finland, punk), Pendumito (Poland, punk hardcore), Penis Canina (Russia, grindcore), Piĉismo (Ukraine/Lithuania, punk hardcore), Pixamandúrries (Catalonia, rural punk), Platano & Sparky Riot (France, ska punk), René Binamé (Belgium, anarcho-punk song), Rezistanco (Russia, punk hardcore), Ruĝa Espero (Russia, garage rock), SocialZero (Russia, punk hardcore), Stomachal Corrosion (Brazil, grindcore), Tiu Ne Gravas (Argentina, garage rock, alternative stoner rock).

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